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*No Money Down
*No Upfront Cost Solar
*30% Federal Tax Incentive
*25% SC State Tax Incentive
*30 year Best Industry Warranty
*Stop Renting Your Power and Own it!
*Get Paid up to $$$ When You Go Solar!

South Carolinas - #1 Residential Solar Company

Since we already know that your ROI is zero with your current electric provider, yes, it is in fact zero since you get nothing in return as far as equity is concerned. 
Have a look and see what the ROI would be going solar, when you can own your electricity instead of renting it!

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Is Solar Power Right For Your Home?

At SolarFlare Energy, We take a look at each home to make sure solar is the right choice for your home. We require a current electric bill in order to accurately gauge how much energy you are using so our engineers can determine the size of the system you would need and if your roof can generate such demands. We use satellite imaging to validate if your roof can generate enough power to supply the energy needed to sustain or exceed your current usages. Not all roofs are solar friendly, this can depend on roof angles and how they face the sun, south and west facing roofs will generate the most energy throughout the day. Our aim as solar power consultants is to make certain solar is going to meet and exceed your expectations and generate a substantial savings...If not, we'll be the first to tell you that solar isn't a good fit for your home!

Educating Homeowners About Solar

We either schedule a time to present an in home or zoom no obligation solar consultation of the energy savings and solar design. This is where we go over with the homeowner the amount of savings they can expect should they go solar compared to staying with their current energy provider. Using satellite imaging, we show the homeowner where the solar panels will be placed on their home and how much they will reduce their carbon footprint when they stop using power from the dirty energy grid. We educate the homeowner about any federal & state tax incentives they may be entitled to along with net metering if it is offered by their electric provider. Net metering is the industry term used when the homeowner sells the excess power their solar produces during the daytime back to the energy company!

Done Deal

We Handle Everything From A To Z

Alright! You have decided to go solar, now what? Relax, we got this, we handle all the permits and inspections with your local municipalities, approvals from H.O.A. Inspections & Interconnection agreements from your energy provider. 

Make Money With Referrals

Yes, you read that right, we pay for our solar customers for new referrals, and we pay very well. Not only can you cover the costs of your own solar system by generating referrals, you can generate a an alternative stream of income. After your system is installed, we encourage you to become a brand ambassador....Each time you send us a referral and they go solar, you can earn up to $500...Pretty cool right!

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Our Environmental Commitment

We are a small business partner of the National Forest Foundation and donate on regular basis for the better good of our beautiful planet, we believe the trees are at the center of our vast intricate ecosystem. Every time a client of ours goes solar, we plant 3 trees by donating to the national forest foundation on their behalf.

Some times on occasion we will need to remove a tree to ensure maximum operating efficiency of a solar system. In this occurrence, we will plant 6 trees in it's place by donating to the National Forest Foundation on behalf of the removed tree and the client :)




It was a real pleasure working with Solarflare, they took the time to explain everything to me so I understood how evrything worked before I made a buying decision. I couldn't be happier with my solar - Thanks Solarflare!

Stacey Buggert


We love our solar. going on 2 years now and no more high electric bill since we had it installed. The entire process was very simple, they handled everything for us from the permits, the H.O.A approval and the electric company approval process.

Jason Curtis


We live out in a rural area, so for us, we not only went solar for the savings, but also to guard against power outages. Last fall when the power went out from a nasty thunderstorm, we were still enjoying our clean green rooftop energy

Sarah Garner

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